About Peter Roccella

After studing Architectural Drafting and working in a number of architectural firms in Melbourne for over a decade, in 1998 Peter Roccella established his own business catering for the architectural industry's visualization and marketing needs. By making the best use of the latest and most sophisticated computers and 3D graphics software, accuracy and realism were satisfied at levels never before possible. Generally the products that are offered fall into 3 categories which are discussed below.

An indispensable tool for architects to assist in the design process of the proposed development. Once the 3D model of the development is assembled in the computer, images can be generated from any angle. These preliminary images are complete with realistic textures, colours, reflections and shadows. Changes to the 3d model can be made easly and presented to the client for approval. With Peter's many years experience working on architectural projects in Melbourne as an architectural draftsman, designer and visualiser, you can rely on accurate depictions of building details and materials.

These images are used to generate interest and to help publicize or sell the proposed development, particularly apartment buildings 'off the plan'. Once the complete development is assembled in the computer, the final views may be agreed upon showing exterior views, often a 'hero shot' and a number interior views of the building. The views are depicted realistically with cars, people, landscaping, furniture, etc. A high resolution digital copy of each of the completed illustrations are sent to relevant parties for advertising use in brochures, newspapers, websites and signboards.

Peter Roccella has been producing photomontage images for VCAT hearings since VCAT was first established in 1998. A Visual Impact Statement is also submitted to the tribunal as outlined in VCAT guidelines. A photomontage is a composite picture produced by blending photographs of an existing streetscape with a digital image of the proposed development. The effect is to create a realistic impression of the streetscape, as it would appear after completion of the proposed works. These images have now become essential in securing the best outcome at an appeals tribunal. They are alsoused to appease the concerns of neighboring residents regarding the impact the proposed development would have on the streetscape.

Peter Roccella should be considered for your next architectural project if you demand the highest levels of reliability and quality. He is a professional with many years of experience and you can be confidendent in acheiving the best result for your architectural project.